Kalumpang Resort

Kalumpang Car Camping KALUMPANG RESORT AND TRAINING CENTRE starting operating since year 2005. Kalumpang is a Agro concept resort build on huge orchard. Kalumpang is located at Sungai Inki, Hulu Selangor. To get there, drive out of the main Kuala Kubu-Tanjung Malim road and take a smaller road to Sungai Inki. Take the Tanjung Malim exit of the North South … Continue reading Kalumpang Resort

Beginner’s Guideline For Car Camping

Come the sunshine, one of the first things me and my friends does is to pack up the car and head out into the great outdoors. We are lucky to be living in West Malaysia, with easy access to some of the most spectacular national parks, beaches and mountain. So, you want to wake up to this gorgeous … Continue reading Beginner’s Guideline For Car Camping