Halloween Camping in Malaysia – Camp-O-Ween

Malaysia camping activities usually is very basic type, and sometime we feel a bit boring. In order to create more fun for camping, our Mcc's Group decided to make a Halloween Camping event call Spooktacular Camp-o-ween. Thanks so much for those who participate in the first Halloween camping in Malaysia. We hope you thoroughly enjoy … Continue reading Halloween Camping in Malaysia – Camp-O-Ween


Cast away camping trip in Monkey Beach, Penang

Always having a fantasy wanna¬†experience the castaway or Robinhood living lifestyle since growing out from kid. After planing with my buddies, we decide try this at Monkey beach. Depart from Kuala Lumpur toward Penang, the whole journey took about 4 hours drive. Monkey Beach also known as Teluk Duyung, is located in Penang National Park … Continue reading Cast away camping trip in Monkey Beach, Penang