Cast away camping trip in Monkey Beach, Penang

Always having a fantasy wanna experience the castaway or Robinhood living lifestyle since growing out from kid. After planing with my buddies, we decide try this at Monkey beach. Depart from Kuala Lumpur toward Penang, the whole journey took about 4 hours drive.

Monkey Beach also known as Teluk Duyung, is located in Penang National Park in the North-West corner of Penang Island. Monkey beach is the one of the nicest beaches in Penang Island, with a long stretch of white sandy beach that is good for swimming as it is not plagued by the jellyfish that can be found off many of the other beaches in Penang.


Monkey Beach is a popular place to visit during weekends and public holidays, when many locals will come here for the day by boat to enjoy a picnic on the beach but not overnight here.

There is no road access to the beach, so you either want to trek about 3 and a half kilometer along the coastline through the National Park.

Teluk-Bahang-Taman-Negara-Penang-car-camping-malaysia-5 Teluk-Bahang-Taman-Negara-Penang-car-camping-malaysia-6

If  you are person who prefer more easy way the alternative way for you is charter a boat from the entrance of National Park at Teluk Bahang which will cost you around RM100 (per boat) for 2 way.

Teluk-Bahang-Taman-Negara-Penang-car-camping-malaysia-3 Teluk-Bahang-Taman-Negara-Penang-car-camping-malaysia

We reach the entrance around 1pm after our lunch at town, yeah….you can’t go anywhere with your empty stomach for sure…. so get your stomach fill with some delicious Penang foods before go experience challenges.

Here we go…. after take 30 minutes boat ride, finally we reach Monkey Beach. According to the boatman, we can camp any places along the beaches, he suggest us to camp near Boon Siew’s Bungalow (Abandon bungalow) at first, we feel a bit creepy at the abandon bungalow. We rather choose camp near the small huts where the local selling foods during the noon time.


Monkey Beach is slightly crowded during daytime because many tourist coming here for BBQ buffet organize by the local hotel. Activities like jet ski, banana boat,and ATV also available during noon time. If you plan to camp here, remember to inform the food stall owner that you like to rent their taoilet at night so they wont locked the toilet.

camping-monkey-beach-penang-car-camping-malaysia camping-monkey-beach-penang-car-camping-malaysia-2

After set up our tents, we start fishing at side. Kindly beware of the sand flies here, we notice we being bitten badly after the trip.

camping-monkey-beach-penang-car-camping-malaysia-5 fishing-monkey-beach-penang-car-camping-malaysia

Dinner time, everyone is very busy preparing their own food. lucky us, we manage to get some fishes for our BBQ dinner.

bbq-monkey-beach-penang-car-camping-malaysia bbq-monkey-beach-penang-car-camping-malaysia-2 bbq-monkey-beach-penang-car-camping-malaysia-3 bbq-monkey-beach-penang-car-camping-malaysia-4

Monkey beach during night time is very quiet, not much overnight campers here. Extremely dark if without moonlight.
Kindly prepare enough batteries for lighting purpose.



4 thoughts on “Cast away camping trip in Monkey Beach, Penang

  1. this looks like a lot of fun… my friends and i(3girls), are planning to camp at Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang, however the groundskeeper said that our applications for permit to camp there will not be approved, as it is just the three of us.. so, if u don’t mind me asking, how did u guys manage to pull this of? do we need to contact a tour guide of something like that?

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