Camp Salak North

If you wish to plan a camping and fishing trip in the same time, Camp Salak North situated approximately 12 km from Kuala Kangsar town in Perak state is right choice for you.


Camp Salak North (CSN) is a completed campsite. It contains basic amenities such as toilets & bathrooms, covered camping grounds and an open hall, with more facilities to be built in the future. It can easily accommodate up to 200 participants atany one time. For non-campers, there are 2 units of chalets readily available.


It is ideal for team building programs and other outdoor activities. As it is situated next to a lake, Camp Salak North is ideal for kayaking and water safety activities.


If you love adventures activity, Abseiling, Flying fox, Floating (Water Confidence). Camp-Salak-North-Car-Camping-Malaysia-9Camp-Salak-North-Car-Camping-Malaysia-10

For those who prefer relaxing outdoor activity, Camp Salak North provided Kayaking, canoeing, boating and fishing here. Camp-Salak-North-Car-Camping-Malaysia-7Camp-Salak-North-Car-Camping-Malaysia-8   Camp-Salak-North-Car-Camping-Malaysia-11

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