Easy Car Camping Food Ideas

In Malaysia, most of the campsite doesn’t come with electricity, so the most easy way to cook when you are camping is using a gas camping stove, or a charcoal BBQ grill.

Here are some easy camping food ideas that easy to make and taste delicious too. They can all be made using limited ingredients and cooking equipment while you are camping.  They are filled with energy giving nutrients and are fun to eat.
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Sandwiches can be gently eased open to fill with bacon, tuna, or vegetables salad. You can make a tuna or sardine for ingredients. Kids love camping food ideas with more creativity and will happily indulge in them for a change.


Eggs are very filling and nutritious. try Have fry eggs over easy with some fried bacon with beans for a great start to the morning, or try fried an omelet with bacon and tomato slides.


Sausages and hotdogs
No camping trip would be the same without sausages and hotdogs! My favourite is Cheese Sausages.
Cook them in a pan form them into little meat balls or just BBQ them. Among all the BBQ food, sausage and hotdogs is the fastest food that you can eat.


Wraps and tortillas
Being along the wraps and tortillas, is easy in the sense that it does not need any plates or utensils. Eating wraps in the  saves you time in washing stuff or adding additional trash if planning to use disposable utensils and plates. It simple as you just need to insert whatever vegies and meat that you prefer.


Instant foods
Instant Noodles in cup, instant soups, dried pasta , canned meats and baked beans, and other ready to consume foods are recommended for camping. They can save you some time in cooking, and they do not get bad right away.


Skewer beef or chicken plus chunks of vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, button mushrooms and onions. Brush with butter and sprinkle with some pepper. You can now place your kebab in the barbecue grill and enjoy them in the campsite.


Roasted potatoes are always a good choice. You can wrap them whole in foil and bury them in the coals of your fire, or  cut them into cubes /slides together with bacon then foil envelope to roast them on top of the grill together. The same idea works well on sweet potato and cassava.


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