Balik Pulau Lodge – Hakka Village

The Balik Pulau, Penang is an idyllic sanctuary that you can retreat yourself. When you want a respite from the stress of modern living. Wish to escape from the stress of the city life and working depression? Or tired of shopping in the crowded shopping center? Wish to recall the past and the simple rural life in grandma home? Or just want to taste Hakka cuisine? Wish to try the Hakka famous cuisine “Hakka Tofu”? The taste and smell of the Hakka Tofu is simply great! Mouth watering! We welcome you personally to experience yourself in the Hakka traditional house ! By the way, this is not a halal restaurant for the Muslim.


Balik_pulau_Hakka_house_car_camping_malaysia Balik_pulau_Hakka_house_car_camping_malaysia2


Perched above 300 feet from sea level, Balik Pulau Lodge is located on a small hill in the Balik Pulau area. This large Hakka style mansion is nestled amidst lush greenery with a breathtaking view of the sea. There are also 40 types of fruit trees available within its 12 acre orchard where guests are welcome to help themselves to. Balik Pulau Lodge provides lodging facilities and amenities.
All visitor cars are not allow to drive in to the village, Hakka Village provide transportation pick-up with charges as below charge.

Balik_pulau_Hakka_house_car_camping_malaysia4 Balik_pulau_Hakka_house_car_camping_malaysia3

Indoor activity include various types of fun entertainment such as old days of childhood play such as kicking the traditional feather balls, chess, mahjong, darts, tea serving, film shows, listen to Hakka folk songs etc. If you are lucky enough you may able have a chance to meet up with the generous and humorous Hakka house owner Maggie Fong, she may personally share her own exciting experience with you, the story behind of setting up the Hakka house. Here’s a place where one can enjoy the great outdoors with various activities such as camping,climbing, hiking, jungle tracking, cycling, night forest adventure, pick fruits and BBQ .

Balik_pulau_Hakka_house2 Balik_pulau_Hakka_house1

Hakka Village promises a relaxing and wonderful visit. The hotel offers a high standard of service and amenities to suit the individual needs of all travelers. Tours, coffee shop, concierge, restaurant, meeting facilities are just some of the facilities on offer. The hotel offers various recreational opportunities. Balik Pulau Lodge – Hakka Village combines warm hospitality with a lovely ambiance to make your stay in Penang unforgettable.

Balik_pulau_Hakka_house_car_camping_malaysia5 Balik_pulau_Hakka_house_car_camping_malaysia6

If you are fancy of camouflage dress up, you may participate in their dozen physical stimulation devices. Training for physical strength and team spirit.  All visitor are required to wear full camouflage combat gear, majestic heroic only in the cottage feel! Hakka Village are also the first in the horse with combat gear team beading team. Have fun!

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