Kalumpang Resort

Kalumpang Car Camping KALUMPANG RESORT AND TRAINING CENTRE starting operating since year 2005. Kalumpang is a Agro concept resort build on huge orchard. Kalumpang is located at Sungai Inki, Hulu Selangor. To get there, drive out of the main Kuala Kubu-Tanjung Malim road and take a smaller road to Sungai Inki. Take the Tanjung Malim exit of the North South … Continue reading Kalumpang Resort

Car Camping Tips For Women

I'm just thinking about easing into camping when the weather gets warm, but since find some activities to spend my weekend; I wouldn't always be able to get others to join me, as most of the friend would have their own family activities too. I'm just wondering if it sounds like just a bad idea … Continue reading Car Camping Tips For Women