10 Important Thing For Car camping

1. Headlamp: Useful when your setting up tents in the dark and avoid late-night lose balance on the way to the bathroom


2. Camp Light: Ideally for you to have activity like play cards/games after dark and not blind each other with your headlamps (you can also hang the light inside your tent)


3. Plastic Bags and Non-Woven Bag:

for carrying piles of wet dishes and utensils back from the spigot (never drop your clean silverware in the dirt again!)


4.  Folding Chairs or Beach Mat:  For relaxing by the campfire or under your vestibule camping-matcamping-folding-chair

5. Utensil and Messtin:

makes your site feel homey and provides a clean space for eating and food preparation.


6. Medicine/First Aid Kit: you might need it for emergency   


7. Insect repellent/ lemongrass candle: With its pleasing aroma and overall effectiveness, lemongrass has become one of the most popular of all natural insect repellents. Repels a greater variety of pests than most natural “one-scented” oil mixtures.


8. A large plastic or metal bowl: for washing dishes (and yourself)


9. Multiple pins: For hanging damp towels, bathing suits and etc


10. Playing cards/ Board games: For create more interactive with the camping friends.

camping-play-card  camping_playing_cards


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