DIY Car Camping Ideas

Car camping is a very fun activity instead of just camping. Car camping let us can enjoy the outdoor camping activities without sweating, hiking and carry heavy backpack. In another word is you can carry whatever you wish to bring along from home to the camping site.

Here is some of the idea to show you how you can DIY to save cost during the car camping trip.

1. DIY Car Curtain to make yourself not visible while you are sleeping inside the car.


Suggestion:  Bring along the sunshade sheet so you use it to cover your windshield. During DIY mosquito net to avoid bitten by the mosquito when crack your car window at night.


Prepare your bed. For easy way, use the inflaming camping bed or mattress, and sleep flat. car-camping-bedcarcamp

Remember to bring along extra pillows to make yourself more comfortable when sleep inside the car.



Pack Your Backpack  Organizing 

Stow the clothes and supplies you need for a night of camping in a small bag, which you can keep with you in the car. But remember to bring more plastic bag to keep your wet cloth and stuffs.

camping-container camping equipment2

camping equipmentcamping-container3


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