Extraordinary X’mas Theme Camping Celebration

MCC’s having the second car camping event at ABC Campsite at Janda Baik. We celebrating our early Christmas celebration at cooling riverside. every participant need to decorating their tent into X’mas theme, celebrating X’mas in outdoor, exchange gift in the camping lights. We do BBQ chicken instead of Turkey for dinner. Beside that, we also having our delicious Tomyam steamboat in the same time while waiting for the BBQ food to be cook.

Camping can absolutely fun if you play some creativity to plan the event. Thanks for the group members who give fully support to make the event run successfully.

abc campiste_MalaysiaCarCampingabc campiste_riverside_MalaysiaCarCamping christmas camping2_ MalaysiaCarCamping christmas Deco_ MalaysiaCarCamping

christmas Deco2_ MalaysiaCarCamping christmas Deco7_ MalaysiaCarCamping

christmas_camping3_ MalaysiaCarCampingchristmas Deco1_ MalaysiaCarCamping

christmas Deco6_ MalaysiaCarCampingchristmas Deco3_ MalaysiaCarCamping

christmas_camping_bbq2_MalaysiaCarCampingchristmas gift exchange_MalaysiaCarCamping christmas gift exchange2_ MalaysiaCarCamping 

christmas_camping_bbq_MalaysiaCarCamping christmas_camping_bbq3_MalaysiaCarCamping christmas_camping_cooking2_MalaysiaCarCamping christmas_camping_cooking3_MalaysiaCarCamping christmas_camping_steamboat_MalaysiaCarCamping fun_camping_malaysia_car_camping




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