Sungai Congkak Recreation Park Car Camping

Sungai Congkak is a popular recreational forest in the Hulu Langat district of Selangor state.

Sungai Chongkak Recreational Forest in Hulu Langat is an ideal gateway for those who want to experience the great Malaysian outdoors. It is also known as Chongkak Park and Resort and is managed by Tourism Selangor. Located 33km away from the city, it nestles beside orchards and tropical rainforests, with facilities available for camping, picnicking, BBQs, swimming, and bathing in the clear cool water of natural river pools and rapids amid the tall tropical rainforest trees.

MCC’s club member has decided to organise our first car camping activity to Sungai Congkak.  So far this campsite is good and safe. Is good for family activities. We camp at ZON 4 and straight away can park our car beside our camp which are quite convenient for us load and unload stuff. Got the facilities all this but don’t  expect too much for the restroom. The river is just beside our camp so can Take your natural shower there too.

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